What is the Passages Malibu Philosophy?

The Passages Malibu philosophy is what separates our facility from nearly every other luxury rehab center in California, and quite possibly the world. While other rehabilitation programs insist that your addiction is essentially a disease, our staff will never engage in this negative and counterproductive way of thinking. By looking at addiction in a positive light, we spare our clients from harmful terminologies that do little besides slow down progress.

To us, forcing someone to proclaim that they are helpless defeats the entire purpose of seeking treatment. True rehabilitation has to come from a place of internal strength and motivation, not weakness. Instead of having you repeatedly tell yourself that you need to be “healed” from “being sick”, we view your addiction not as a disease, but rather as a single part of your overall character that can be adjusted. You are much more than your addiction at Passages Malibu, and you will never be talked down to because you have an addiction.

Our holistic philosophy employs many different natural methods to overcome addiction such as nutritional supplements, therapeutic exercises and other non-toxic holistic modalities like acupuncture. Whereas basic rehabilitation centers only focus on the physical detoxification and little else, Passages Malibu emphasizes a spiritual, mental and physical connection for the fullest recovery possible – along with results that can last a lifetime.

The Four Reasons for Addiction

Our nurturing philosophy minimizes the chances of relapse by offering you plenty of individualized attention along with the privacy you need to reflect on who you are and what you want to do next. As your team of specialists will explain to you upon your arrival, we believe that any addiction can be summarized by one or more of these primary causes: