Behind Passages Malibu

Long before Passages Malibu came to be, Pax Prentiss was simply a young man with a troubled future. His father Chris had no idea that he was consuming heavy amounts of alcohol, cocaine, and heroin on a daily basis, but this went on for ten years until Pax had stolen and lied his way into total isolation and could no longer support his multiple addictions. Only then was he forced to fully admit his secret lifestyle to himself and to his family.

Pax soon realized that the negative impact of drugs far outweighed whatever euphoria they once provided him, and he became determined to finally quit. With his father’s guidance, Pax enrolled himself in every type of AA and 12-step program they could find, sure that one would take. However, much to their dismay, nothing was to their satisfaction.

Instead of an accepting community, Pax found only ridicule and negativity from conventional treatments – not necessarily from his peers (although the group meetings were certainly embarrassing), but rather from the program’s very structure itself. No matter where he went, no matter who he spoke with, Pax was always labeled an “addict” and told that he had a “disease”. Pax was looking for a little encouragement and positivity, but he was treated like he was a sick weakling. These parameters, he felt, only encouraged his relapses instead of preventing them.

Pax also did not appreciate having his freedoms restricted while staying at these places. He didn’t like being denied access to electronic devices or being relegated to performing simple chores and other forms of menial labor. These policies did nothing more than demean him and encourage him to use drugs and alcohol more frequently. If anything, it felt as though he was being unfairly punished by these places simply for requesting help.

Chris knew that the problem wasn’t his son, but rather with the generic cookie-cutter approach that all of the rehabilitation programs seemed to take with Pax. It was obvious that they needed something special for Pax, a customized treatment program that went far beyond the narrowminded scope of treating addiction as a disease. It was the beginning of Passages Malibu, though neither one of them knew it at the time.

Their openminded research soon led them to the discover alternative medicines and lesser-known healing practices that they’d never heard of before. By combining the best of the Eastern and Western philosophies and modalities, Pax reflected on his addictions in a meaningful way for the first time. Once he was able to identify the core causes of his addiction, Pax was finally able to approach his addictions from a place of strength and understanding instead of fear and weakness.

He resolved all of his addictions and founded Passages Malibu in 2001 with the help of his father. Passages Malibu employs the same unique philosophy that Chris and Pax used to better understand and eliminate three major addictions from their lives. Pax is proud that he turned his chemical dependencies from a severe hindrance into a spiritual journey of self-improvement, and he is confident that Passages Malibu can do the same for anyone else with an open mind – including you.