Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meeting New Friends

I was so excited when I got a message from my fellow blogger Dhruvi from Stilettos & Sequins saying that she was in San Francisco & wanted to meet up. I quickly accepted the invitation, in my mind we were already friends even though we hadn’t met in person.  When I arrived at the restaurant & saw her it felt as if we had been friends forever, we talked for hours and in the midst of that discussed about how blogging has been such a great tool for meeting new people all over the place.
Then it brought up a question for myself, why is it easier for me to meet people online rather than meeting people in person? I guess it’s easier to break the ice over a screen than in person. Especially when you’re nervous, I said the stupidest thing yesterday while having a nervous chat with a girl I had never met. I don’t even want to repeat it, just know it was something that made no sense and only slipped out of my mouth from a place of nervousness.

With that said what’s the best way to approach new friendships with strangers? I know I’m not the only one because I’ve had these discussions with other friends, it seems as though we’ve all seen that girl at the gym we think would be a perfect workout partner, or that girl who has great style who you think would make a great shopping buddy but how do you say that without scarring them away, I am seriously laughing out loud right now as I type this. I’m just being honest. Is it harder because I live in small town? Does that even matter? I don’t know. What’s your opinion on this subject? 

Dhruvi & I in the Mission District! Go check her out ASAP! Stilettos & Sequins

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stylish Saturday:Metallic

Stylish Saturday:Metallic

When I watched metallic coming down some of the spring 2014 runways I knew they would be an essential part of a fabulous 2014 wardrobe. Personally, I love all things shiny and pretty therefore metallics are always a go in my book. I've been reading that the 90’s are making a comeback and I have to say, I remember a period of time while I was growing up when all things metallic were awesome, so I guess it’ s safe to say the 90’s are coming back, but don’t think you’ll catch me in a pair of undone overalls anytime soon.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blogger Challenge:Midi Skirts

I’m so excited about today’s post; I've linked up with a couple of cool girls to show you how to style midi skirts in different ways. All of the girls look amazing, I love how each one personalized their own look. If you would like to share your own midi skirt look you can also link up using the link at the bottom. I would love to see your look, so please do share! 

Here's my look

Sunnies: Prada//Shirt:Zara// Skirt:Express//Shoes:Zara//Clutch:H&M

Check out all the looks here!
Top left corner: Claudia from The Penny Closet
Top Right Corner: Camila from Camila's Closet
Bottom Left Corner & Center: Kristen & Ashley from The Allure Avenue
Bottom Right Corner: Alejandra from Styled by Ale

Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Met Gala : Charles James: Beyond Fashion

Monday Funday whether you’re a celebrity attending  the annual Costume Institute Gala aka The Met Ball , or if you’re just a normal human who wants to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with drinks and your girlfriends, Either way it’s a festivity.  I’m eager to see what all the celebs will be wearing tonight, it’s always a sight to see, and it’s very unpredictable, I think. When I went to New York and visited the Met I was fascinated, it was an incredible experience, historically & fashionably speaking. When I stood outside the met steps I imagined what it was like to attend a gala there, the gowns, the glamour,  and just the ambiance in general must be something out of my ordinary world, that's what i imagine anyway.The gala is a celebration held each year in celebration of the fashion exhibition opening , each year is themed, last year’s theme was Punk: Chaos to Couture, this year’s focus is "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" – a retrospective of the 20th-century British-born, American-based couturier. From what I read in the May issue of Vogue he was a “troubled Genius” & I also did a little research to learn more about Charles James. He designed some gorgeous gowns. You can check out some of his designs below

All photographs are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art website

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’ve began my Mother’s Day brainstorming today, I didn’t realize it was right around the corner. I always try and get my mom a little fancy gift. She is probably the classiest woman I know; she’s always been that way (she probably wonders why I’m not) She has an eye for detail and that’s why she appreciates even the smallest elegant trinket. I remember growing up & being in awe of her shoes and her assortment of jewelry. 
The thing about her is that only once in a blue moon she actually splurges on herself; she always has some excuse as to why she didn’t buy that bag or whatever else it may be.  So I always take holidays and birthdays as the perfect time to spoil her with something nice. Even though I don’t have a lot of money my gifts to her are always from my heart and from a place of just wanting to show her I love her and that she is my fancy lady.

Make sure you enter our Mother’s Day Giveaway! You may not even have to buy anything! 

Mothers Day

1. West Elm Shadow Boxes (Love these)
2. Coach Sunglasses
3. Lancome Multiaction Spring Set
4.Chanel Fragrance
5.Michael Kors Handbag
6.YSL Lipstick