Friday, June 20, 2014

Amsterdam Experience

 I’m back from my European escapade! Thanks for bearing with me while I was on hiatus from blogging, but I don’t see the point in taking a vacation & still having to work, and literally there was no time to do so, between adjusting to the time difference and trying to see as much as possible I just now had time to reflect on my experience. We got to spend some time in Amsterdam, Paris, and visited the South of France all in one trip. I’ll break up my posts so I can share some of my pictures.

The first stop was Amsterdam, I completely fell in love with the cool relaxed vibe that city has. The canals are beautiful and I must admit I even contemplated living on a boat for the rest of my life. I really was in awe at the culture here. When I saw all the women without a ton of makeup or perfectly groomed hair & wearing flats I felt like I belonged. This place was so calm and relaxed you literally forgot about time. Some of my favorite things to do were, visiting the Van Gogh Museum, taking a sunset boat ride through the canals, visiting the Anne Frank House, the Heineken Brewery was also fun and of course trying delicious food. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.