Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stylish Saturday:Metallic

Stylish Saturday:Metallic

When I watched metallic coming down some of the spring 2014 runways I knew they would be an essential part of a fabulous 2014 wardrobe. Personally, I love all things shiny and pretty therefore metallics are always a go in my book. I've been reading that the 90’s are making a comeback and I have to say, I remember a period of time while I was growing up when all things metallic were awesome, so I guess it’ s safe to say the 90’s are coming back, but don’t think you’ll catch me in a pair of undone overalls anytime soon.  


  1. I have a thing with real leather too- and i know its been almost 5 years since the 90s have been back full force. xo!



  2. I have that metallic polish, I love it!

    xx Kelly
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