Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’ve began my Mother’s Day brainstorming today, I didn’t realize it was right around the corner. I always try and get my mom a little fancy gift. She is probably the classiest woman I know; she’s always been that way (she probably wonders why I’m not) She has an eye for detail and that’s why she appreciates even the smallest elegant trinket. I remember growing up & being in awe of her shoes and her assortment of jewelry. 
The thing about her is that only once in a blue moon she actually splurges on herself; she always has some excuse as to why she didn’t buy that bag or whatever else it may be.  So I always take holidays and birthdays as the perfect time to spoil her with something nice. Even though I don’t have a lot of money my gifts to her are always from my heart and from a place of just wanting to show her I love her and that she is my fancy lady.

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Mothers Day

1. West Elm Shadow Boxes (Love these)
2. Coach Sunglasses
3. Lancome Multiaction Spring Set
4.Chanel Fragrance
5.Michael Kors Handbag
6.YSL Lipstick

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