Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Why are Mondays so terrible? I want to stay in bed for at least an additional 2 hours on Mondays so I can mentally and physically prep for the work week, wishful thinking. The weekend was too short, as always but it was quite eventful and l managed to stay so busy that I had no time for house chores… I may be on to something; I’ll have to try that again next weekend. Anyway here is a recap of the weekend and some of the stories that caught my short- lived attention. 

   1. As you must already know Coachella kicked off its first weekend festivities, I’m really bummed that I didn't get to go and the excessive pictures online don’t help. Who am I kidding? If I was there I’d be posting countless pictures. WhoWhatWear has a pretty cool list of The Best Dressed.
Picture from: WhoWhatWear

2. Saturday I attended my newest cousins baptism, I wore this pretty scalloped shift dress that I love, also pulled out my summer shoes from storage!

3. I gave myself a blow out using one of the many products that was in my LuckyFabb swag bag, I liked the voluminous hair it helped me achieve. I've never tried the Fat Hair products before but I like this one & the price is reasonable, $8 at ULTA. P.s don't mind over concealed eyes:)
4. Saturday while everyone was live tweeting about a boxing match I came across a tweet that announced the #AlexanderWangxHM collaboration, you guys know I love a good collab! So I’m so excited to see what designs are produced for this collection

5. Sunday morning I ran to Target for a new toothbrush but found myself in the accessories department lusting over these gorgeous orange bags, I liked both but ended up with the cross body one because I thought I’d be fun for Europe this summer. Which is your favorite?

6. What better way to wrap up the weekend than an award show? The MTV Movie awards were on in the background while I was organizing my clothes for the week. I did catch how gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o looked in that Chanel number, she is so beautiful, I’m obsessed with her.
 Also, Zac Efron…yeah.