Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stylish Saturday:Birkenstock-Inspired

Stylish Saturdays: Birkenstock Inspired

Hey guys! Welcome to the first post of a weekly series called Stylish Saturdays. Where I’ll be discussing current and past trends, inspiration, wish list stuff and anything else fashion related. Sometimes when I do an outfit post I don't have much time to write or discuss my thoughts ,I thought this would be a perfect way to dojust that.I want to spark a conversation with you guys and see what you guys think is interesting, so feel free to share any thoughts or ideas!

Are the Birkenstocks making a comeback? I think so. When I was in LA for LuckyFabb Eva Chen actually discussed the trend of the frumpy sandals and she made a great point , what’s better than being chic and comfortable at the same time? If you follow my blog you know I am ALL about comfort, I briefly mentioned that on a previous post. At a first glance the sandals weren't really appealing to my eyes but the more I think about them and see them I have to admit they’re beginning to dawn on me. I think I may find a cool affordable pair of inspired sandals and give them a try. I feel like a traitor typing that but I guess that means I have an open mind right?You know what they say, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.”

What is your take on the Birkenstock- inspired trend?

P.s I wanted my picks to be affordable, I try to save when it comes to items that are trendy.

Beginning from top left: 1. Topshop $65// 2. H&M $24.95 // 3. River Island $56
Bottom Row 4. Asos $47.04 // 5. H&M $34.95 // 6. Topshop $45 

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