Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling Blue

Make room for  Navy, it maybe the color to give your wardrobe a contemporary feel. The case for black has already been made and clearly its the"no fail" hue but I think Navy is the black of summer and spring. Its versatility makes it pair well with almost any color. For a spring palette pair it with tones of blush and maybe a softer blue (as seen below) for a classic feminine feel. Pair it with anything cheetah or yellow during summer for a bold  look. So,next time you're going to reach for that LBD, think twice and lighten things up with a little blue.
Here are a few items for inspiration:

Untitled #13

  1.  Shift Dress: Zara $100
  2. Tasseled Bucket Bag: Old Navy $29.95
  3.Drop Waist Dress: H&M $34.99
  4. Structured Handbag: Michael Kors $298
  5. Off The Shoulder Dress: H&M $59.99
  6. Crop Top: Zara $50
  7. Cat Eye Sunglasses: Nordstrom $68
  8.Soft Slippers: Zara $40
  9.Triangle Bra: H&M $22
  10. Sandals: Zara $80

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