Friday, January 3, 2014

City hanging

I hate when I like an outfit in the mirror but when I see it in pictures I loathe it.  It feels like a waste of a photographer and that is a maj problem when a blog photographer is a hot commodity around here, hence the lack of posts. I do love the target jacket and I love the tassel necklace and everything else but I guess they didn’t look as good together as I once imagined, but that’s the beauty of life; You learn and try again right? Does that ever happen to you?

Had a great January 1, 2014 hanging out with these two :)
Blouse: HM (old) Jacket: Target Jeans: HM Shoes: Forever 21 Necklace:Forever 21 Bag:Prada


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself :) I love the look, super casual and trendy. The jacket from Target was a great buy!
    the way to my Hart