Friday, September 6, 2013

Guess The Designer & The Deal

I was in awe when I opened the September issue of InStyle and laid my eyes on these Joe's  pointy pumps with the wraparound ankle strap. I kept seeing the shoes everywhere and thinking about them. I finally convinced myself that they were an “investment” and I purchased them for $120 (with a 15% discount). I usually don’t spend that much on shoes unless I’m in love, in which I was of course with this pair. I ordered them and happily shared the news with my closest friends and explained how I really deserved them. Last saturday I was doing my usual 7am Pinterest sweep when I noticed an outfit featuring them, I immediately clicked and was shocked when the blogger mentioned she purchased them on JustFab. I hurried and opened  a new tab because there was no way. When i found them I couldn't believe how similar they were to the Joe's pair and the most shocking fact was the $20 price tag(new member) yes thats right. I ordered them so that I could compare and when they arrived I was so happy to see they were just as  gorgeous as the expensive pair, to be honest they fit me better because I have wide feet. 

So can you guess which pair is which?
A. Joe's Laney $135
B. JustFab Ambrosia $39.95

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