Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Patiently waiting for summer

As time passes by I've become wiser with the purchases I make, It seems that too often I find myself buying excess things that I don’t really need or even worse that I will only wear once.  I’m actually in a phase where I want to simplify everything (I’ll tell you more later).  So when it comes to summer bag (cause we all need  one… okay want one) I figured I would spend little money on one bag that would be useful for all my summer  needs such as BBQ’s, Beach, Outdoor lunches etc… that’ what summers all about right?  I was lucky enough to have found a tote that I love and was in my budget but while searching I found some others that really liked as well. Have you bought a bag for summer yet?

1.Aldo FAULKER $44! on SALE!

5. Lilly Pulitzer $98


  1. Love number 1. I totally feel the same way. Quality staple pieces are much wiser to purchase than a bunch of lil things you will never use

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