Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flower Power

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Gucci Spring Ready To Wear Collection I suggest you do so here, to get some bright inspirations just in time for spring & summer. You've probably seen the flower statement necklaces around but Gucci took them to another level in their collection. The necklaces featured over sized flowers, with spikes and gems hanging, major bold statement. But unless you have an extra $3,700 laying around you’ll probably looking for an inspired look. Well look no further for a little flower power inspiration on a budget. I found a couple flower necklaces that I like and one that’s $2.50! Yes, that’s right. I hope you guys enjoy the necklaces, which is your favorite?

This is the Gucci inspiration below

1. J.Crew $128
2.Capwell $35
3. I'm terrible i forgot
4. Windsorstore $2.50
5. Accessorize $23.00


  1. In love with #1!! -- Today's post "Baseball jacket"-->

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  3. I have been craving the one from J Crew!

  4. nice post
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  5. I just did an outfit post on a floral necklace! your options are SO nice!