Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

I can honestly say that Target takes a percentage of each paycheck I earn. It doesn't help that I live two minutes away either. I can also honestly say that I have purchased at least one or more things from almost every designer collab they have had in the last like three years.  In my defense however I live in a very small town and the designer items ALWAYS end up on the sale rack! Take the Missoni Madness for example, I actually scored the cardigan at a thrift store for $3 with tags! So when I finally saw the Prabal Gurung collaboration lookbook I was thrilled. I love having a little piece of high fashion at a price I can afford. Not only because of the name but the pieces usually have some uniqueness to them. This particular collection is very bright & funky with lots of bold floral prints. It’s very feminine & edgy at the same time. Here are a few of my favorite items but you can check out the entire collection here!. Do you shop the Target designer collabs? Which is your favorite so far?

Oh. FYI It's online & in stores Feb. 10! So mark your calendars!


  1. I wish we had a target in the UK. I used to think our Tesco was the same but the fashion is completely off. I miss going to Target when I was over in the US. ahh... lovely items!
    Erica xo

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  2. i have to say that target has really started to step their game up & i'm loving it!

    new follower :)


  3. lovely blog...kisses..

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  4. I really like the second dress!


  5. Lovely photos, those shoes are amazing

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    Have a lovely day :)



  6. i love shoes yellow¡¡


  7. Gorgeous pieces! Hope I can get my hands on some! Following your blog now, hope you can check mine out! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  8. OMG the first dress is amazing! I love Target designer collabs but unfortunately I live in a super congested city where everyone apparently shops at Target so they always sell out :(

    Definitely going to have to mark my calendar for the 10th and make it there early this time :)



  9. OMG! My heart just skipped a few beats with those dresses! They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the update! I freakin love your blog! How else would I know about all this high-fashion news!??? Thank you! Thank you! You rock.. xoxxo

  10. Have you seem the little purse/clutch? That is what I want. I love the first dress, maybe a tad short for me. I clicked through from The It list.

  11. these dresses are amazing. love this!


  12. Love the white dress!

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  13. Oh my god, I have to have that first dress pictured. This is the first time I''m hearing of this collabo. Thanks!!