Monday, January 14, 2013

My recap of the 2013 Golden Globes

So what did everyone think of the Golden Globes last night? I absolutely loved Tina & Amy as hosts. I think they did a great job no awkwardness, they were witty and fearless and I was proud of them. However my opinion maybe biased considering I adore them both and believe they can do no harm…ever.   

Okay and Jodie Foster more power to her I thought regardless of the strange-ish speech, she is a brave woman for saying the things she said and I can’t imagine it’s easy being brave in Hollywood or even being your true self.  How awkward do you think JLo felt seeing her amazing, hot, sexy, smart ex boyfriend up there getting those awards?  I wonder?  Wait… P.diddy was there too, now even more awkward.  

Now on to fashion, so much to talk about. I saw lots of nudes, pinks and flesh toned dresses. Lots of glitter and sequins. Mermaid cuts were also very popular but the most popular trend I saw was definitely “The Leg” oh my was it just me or was everyone and their mama’s one leg out last night? Holly molly! I feel sorry for the other leg that got no action.  The plunging neckline was also a hit last night which I love I could never pull that off with my boobs… unless there was A LOT of packing tape involved. The pastel colored gowns were very favored last night.  Lots of black gowns too! which I always say eh kind of safe. I posted my favorites below who were your favorites?

Jessica Alba looked gorgeous in this Oscar de la Renta gown.
I loved the back of this gown and the color was on point Naomi Watts in Zac Posen

Loved Kate in Alexander McQueen I loved the neckline. 
Did this woman  just have a baby? Crazy! Claire Danes in Versace
I loved the neutral gowns but this was my favorite because I loved the sweetheart top it was flattering.
Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli 
Such a classy elegant woman, Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka


  1. I love jessica albas dress!!Visit and check my new post!!

  2. Jessica Alba was one of my favorite as well,and I also loved Claire Danes, of course my girl Jlo, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lawrence! Overall I liked the dresses but was hoping to see more pastel colors! xo

  3. Helen Mirren! I am so glad you put hers up. She was definitely one of my favorites, too.

    Is it just me, though, or were some of those nude/sheer dresses going a little "nightgown?"

    Kate from Clear the Way

    P.S. I'm following you on Bloglovin now!

  4. Great post! I love all of your pics! Check mine out too!
    Please check out my blog, I would love to hear what you think of my latest post!


  5. Thanks for the update!!! I love all of these outfits!

  6. oh my goodness, so many amazing looks. Lea and Hayden were two of my faves. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  7. great post! There were so many hot looks.
    Happy New Year sweetie! Hope you had a lovely holiday.


  8. Haha, I would have the same boob problem for sure!
    And I liked the hosts as well! Some said it all looked forced and not funny, but seriously! I thought they were THE proof that women are idd hilarious!


  9. beautiful dresses! love the hayden pannetiere one!
    nice post and blog

  10. So gorgeous...all of them! Helen Mirren's is my favorite though. You are right...SO CLASSY!

  11. Naomi's is by far my favorite. So, so stunning. Love all of these picks though!