Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Cap Toe Flats

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to share this DIY with you guys forever. This is a DIY cap toe shoe that I actually saw on another blog. I feel terrible because I saw and in fact did this a while ago and I can't find which blog it came from but I think there was something similar on This is a very easy project that requires little time and little cash. I was thrilled when I saw this because I had bought these flats from Target & I wore them to work & I realized how the color did not look good on me I was going to return them but I had worn them and they got scuffed. Then I saw this tutorial it was a match made in heaven. If you decide to try it let me know!  (I get a ton of compliments on them)

Hola a todos! He querido compartir este proyecto con ustedes desde hace mucho. Se trata de zapatos de puntera que realmente vi en otro blog. Me siento muy mal porque los hizo hace un tiempo y no puedo encontrar el blog de donde encontré la idea., pero creo que había algo similar en Este es un proyecto muy fácil que requiere poco tiempo y poco dinero .Me emocioné cuando vi esto porque yo había comprado estos zapatos de Target y me puse a trabajar y me di cuenta que el color no se veía bien con mi piel y los iba a regresar, pero yo los había usado y rayado. Entonces vi este tutorial Si decides probarlo, hágamelo saber! ( 


First all you need is a pair of flats and a nail polish. You can do any colors you want this is just what i had.

You place tape on the shoe where you want the cap to begin. then you just paint from there to the tip.
I let them dry over night.

and wallah! Cap toe flats!


  1. wow so creative!!

    love the layout.

    I invite you to checkout my blog.

  2. What a great idea!! I have these exact flats, I may have to try this!