Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just keeping you posted

Hey everyone please excuse my lack of posts. I’m sure you have all heard the expression “When it rains it pours”. Well this was totally my case. I got sick two weeks ago and from there continued to get worse and worse so I have literally been down and out for almost three weeks. I’m glad to be feeling better and back at work (I never thought I'd say that) I did kind of have a realization from this and that is that I need to take better care of my body, so it can take care of meJ well with that said I’m excited to share some awesome news with you guys. In approximately 19 days I will be in New York City celebrating my older sister’s 30th birthday along with my other sister. I am so excited since I have never been and I'm looking forward to seeing the most I can and just being inspired by all the sights. The best part is I will be sharing an amazing experience with my two sisters who I love dearly. Have any of you ever been to NYC? Any tips or advice??


  1. Hope you get well soon. I have been to NYC and it is def a different world take lots of pics search restaurants (famous ones) make reservations before you go if you want a particular one, Also you can get some good deals last minute at Times Sq for Broadway Tickets its the largest booth and they sell the unsold tix last minute for 50% off the reg prices.

  2. I love NYC! Been there 2004 and I'd love to get back! :)


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  3. I want to go to NY so bad! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!