Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm ready for the weekend

      So this weekend was a total bust for my blog, as my friend Monica would say, “Major Sad Face.” I had some really cool outfits that I was planning on sharing but unfortunately nobody to take my pictures.  Ever since me and a certain someone had what I think was a miss understanding I don’t have anyone to take my pictures, and I haven’t found anyone reliable to do it but not to worry I’m on a mission to find someone. If worst comes to worse I will have to teach my boyfriend to do it. On a more positive note I had a very productive weekend. Saturday I made breakfast, went to the gym, returned stuff at Ross, and bought some stuff too! Went to have dinner at a new Sushi place and even had time to visit with my in laws. Right at 12 am I got on and was able to get the Jason Wu for target dress that I wanted along with a really cute top (I’ll share pics when I receive them)needless to say Sunday I  woke up in a great mood and made French Toast, My fav. I got all my homework done, cleaned out my son’s closet (which was insane) went shopping for clothes for him, finally went to get my glasses fixed, had dinner at a great little hidden treasure & did laundry whew okay I’m ready for the weekend again.
Así que este fin de semana fue un fracaso total para mi blog, como mi amiga Mónica decía: "Cara Triste Mayor." desafortunadamente  no tuve nadie para tomar mis fotos. Desde que yo y una cierta persona tuvimos lo que yo creo que fue un mal tendido no tengo a nadie para tomar mis fotos, y no he encontrado a nadie confiable para hacerlo, pero no se preocupen que estoy en una misión para encontrar a alguien. Si viene peor en peor voy a tener que enseñarle a mi novio hacerlo. En una nota más positiva que tuve un fin de semana muy productivo. Sábado me hizo el desayuno, fui al gimnasio, devolví cosas en Ross, y compre algunas cosas también! Fuimos a cenar a un lugar de sushi nuevo y aún tuvo tiempo de visitar a mis suegros. Derecho a las 12 am  fui a y obtuve unas cosas de Jason Wu ni que decir domingo me desperté en un gran estado de ánimo y hize desayuno favorito. Termine toda mi tarea, limpie el armario de mi hijo (que era una locura) fui a comprar ropa para él, finalmente, fue arreglar mis lentes y, cenamos en un gran tesoro escondido muy rico, ¡menos mal que estoy lista para el fin de semana de nuevo.

Best thing about waking up on the weekends

Saturday's outfit
Tried a new Sushi place... It passed.

So thrilled I woke up in a great mood
Cleaning out Misa's closet

Finally got my 2nd set of eyes fixed hmm.. I dont know whats up with that finger.

Tried another new place on Sunday Yumm it passed too.


  1. great photos
    you look so cute with the glasses :)

  2. Nice photos and cute baby!
    Have a great week end