Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE 2011

Hey everyone, How is the new year treating all of you? I'm still trying to recover from NYE I stayed up really late (which surprisingly I never do...ever!) and I was so lazy on Sunday. My boyfriend was super nice enough to grant my request of driving an hour and a half to The Boiling Crab a super delicious like cajun seafood restaurant in San Jose, We gathered our posse and went on our way. We got there and the food was sooo amazing, Crab & shrimp seasoned to perfection in a spicy cajun, buttery, garlic sauce Mmm... Just writing about it is making my mouth water i better stop since it's almost midnight and not a good time to raid the fridge. Ne way It was the perfect first dinner of the New Year. By the time we drove there, ate, & drove back I was beyond exhausted and maybe the fact that I probably ate over a pound of crab and another pound of shrimp (okay okay & fries and corn on the cob) alone also had something with me wanting to get home and crawl into bed. With that said I wasn't able to post this right on 01/01/2011 which is when I really wanted too, but here it is. 

My New Years Eve was fantastic. One of my aunts had a small gathering at her house & when i was there i really understood the meaning of that saying  "It's not the quantity is the quality"  because even though the gathering was small a& their wasn't tons of people, that room to me was filled with the only people that i would want to share such a great moment with. We had a grand time, we ate, drank, shared stories about the past year, and most importantly we shared our aspirations for the new year. I wouldn't change anything about my night. It was perfect. Now I'm really looking forward to an amazing new year. I'm still perfecting my New Year Resolution list which i take very serious by the way, and once I am done I'll share it with you guys. In the mean time enjoy the pictures.

 I really love this outfit because it is the epitome of elegance and chic put together.
My two cousins and I
Loved the blouse totally remind me of Jlo (oh wait It is Jlo:)

The colors paired with neutral tones looked pretty amazing if you ask me:)

Must I say more?

SOme of my cousins and aunts, pretty ladies

My son & I (he's so stinking cute if i so say so myself)

The top bun was an excellent choice of do

All the crazies' ringing in the New Year.

What I was Wearing, Blouse: Jennifer Lopez(Kohls), Skirt:Lc Lauren Conrad(Kohls)  Shoes:Shoemint, All jewelry (minus my "promise" ring he he)and clutch: Forever21


  1. I loove your entire look. The hairdo the top, the skirt and of course the shoes.

  2. OMG shoes <3 ... =)

  3. Love the shoes hun! Hope you had an amazing NYE!!

  4. Stunning! Can't think of a better way to start the year than by wearing sequins you look gorgeous! I'm so in love with those shoes, happy 2012!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Lovely dress!! Happy new year!! :)

  6. love ur blog!
    I follow you!
    hug from Barcelona
    follow each other??

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments!


  8. I have that sequin top! Love it! I am actually wearing it in a recent post :) Happy new year to you!

  9. I love your shoemints...edith right? I'm your newest follower :)

    I'd love if you could check out my blog as well...

  10. Love the SEQUIN top! and those heels are so gorgeous. Perfect outfit from head to toe!!